Spot the bored child tugging at her mother – too young to enjoy the free booze and posh feed at her father’s exhibition openings – “When are we going to leave?”  “Do they have chicken nuggets?”.  Nodding off on her mother’s shoulder while the intoxicated group debate their artistic intentions.  Even from a disinterested view of the art world Sila later on came to form a respect for those offbeat thinkers.  Those who had a talent to make beauty with their own hands and artistic skill.  With these artists in mind the brand Siladora was born.

Sila wanted to create a brand that encouraged emerging artists by presenting an opportunity to create something that they feel is progressive and develops their portfolio of work; and take the art beyond the few that may visit a gallery to others who also admire a piece of beauty.

Siladora is a creative collaboration; an art to fashion concept.  Through working with artists from different spheres - painters, illustrators, photographers, performers and models - our aim is to create a unique and beautiful product for the style conscious and art curious person.