A Word with the Artist...


Where are you now?  Where have you come from?
Right now i'm in my studio in Brighton, which is on the south coast of England. I love Brighton and at the moment can't imagine living anywhere else. My parents moved around a bit when I was younger. I was raised in different parts of England and America, mostly rural areas.

How would you describe the kind of art you create?
I guess it's a mix of comic book style drawing with a more detailed approach to illustration. I like drawing lots of natural and organic things but recently have been more interested in people and portraiture.

What inspires and influences the illustrations you create?
People and weird subcultues, strange animals, the past, ink and detail.

What type of materials/medium do you prefer to use?
I pretty much use brush and ink to draw everything and then add colour digitally. Sometimes the odd micron if the job asks for it.

What would your dream project be?
A skateboard deck series would be cool.

You can find more of Tim's work here