A Word with the Artist...


Where are you now?  And where did you come from?
Right now I'm in my studio in Hastings Old Town. It's above my friends' pub The Crown. I live near by in St. Leonard's On Sea. I grew up in East Sussex/Kent, took an art foundation in Brighton and my illustration degree at Kingston. I graduated in 2011. 

How would you describe the kind of art you create?
I've been fortunate enough to work with all sorts of clients so my work has been used in such varied ways. Everything from beauty advent calendars, window murals, album artwork to textiles and live portraiture.   I would say that I make gestural, painterly images based on observation. I always like to think about what I can focus in on and what I can leave out. 

What inspires and influences the illustrations/paintings you create?
There is nothing more satisfying than receiving the finished product with your drawings in. I was absolutely elated the first time a member of the public emailed me to say they'd loved my drawings in The Times which they'd read on he tube and just wanted to let me know. I also think the materials keep me inspired as there is always an element of surprise. 

What type of materials/medium do you prefer to use?
I work mainly with Indian ink and watercolours, but I also use collage and acrylic. It depends on the brief. In my sketchbooks, I love drawing with a single crayon or brightly coloured felt pen. Thinking about it, I also don't know what I would do without my A3 scanner. 

What would your dream project be?
I absolutely loved working on the Siladora scarves and would like to work on more textiles. Perhaps painting directly onto silk to make one-offs. It's not exactly a project but I would love to go back in time and have life drawing classes with Matisse...

You can find more of Sarah's work here