A Word with the Artist...


Where are you now?  Where have you come from?
I'm based in Paris currently, having spent roughly three years in London previously. I grew up in from Cape Town, South Africa.

How would you describe the kind of photography you create?
The images that I try to capture share something of the subject and have a portraiture element, but are not confined by this. I find it more interesting to reveal what is in front of the lens rather than distorting reality as the human experience is a rich enough source of inspiration to my eyes.

What inspires and influences your photography?
Inspiration for photography can come from any source, be it imagery, fashion, design, the arts, the feeling that you get from a song… Simply, life itself.

What type of camera or medium do you prefer to use?
I use quite a few different cameras and I mostly shoot digital as it is in many ways the most faithful representation of reality. Photography is diverse and there will always be the right camera for the job.

What would your dream project be?
There are many, but an interesting subject in an exciting part of the world is a good start.