A Word with the Artist




Where are you now? And where did you come from?

I'm by heritage Sri Lankan, but grew up in New Zealand, and now reside in Brooklyn, New York.

How would you describe the kind of art you create?

Technically speaking, my work is fashion illustration orientated. I would describe my work as being witty, bold, spontaneous and quirky. I never respond to the ‘perfect’, refined sketch of a model; this was exactly what I want to steer away from; we see these ideals in magazines enough.  I instead love capturing a sense of ‘rawness’.

What inspires and influences the illustrations/paintings you create?

New York blows me away with its copious amounts of inspiration. The streets become a hub for visual stimulation. Encounters with eccentric personalities inspire my body of work, which draws on diversity and identity. It’s how I keep my work honest and relatable.  This, alongside the fabulous museums filled with old school and contemporary masters, keep the creative juices flowing.

What type of materials/medium do you prefer to use?

Watercolour, and ink are my favourite, because they encourage a faster more direct approach. They enable me to let loose and not over analyse, which naturally then has taught me to embrace my mistakes.

What would your dream project be?

I can’t say I have a specific dream project, but I aspire and dream for MOKSHINI to continually evolve and expand into various mediums beyond paper, including textiles, ceramics, accessories and packaging. I envision it being a lifestyle brand that embraces and integrates art into every aspect of ones life. I would love to collaborate with luxury and contemporary fashion houses, as well as magazines, blogs and department stores.

You can find more of Nadeesha's work here.